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The Founder

Deanna Frieze

Deanna came to California from Tacoma, Washington in a Volkswagen bug with only an old television set, a single suitcase and a few hundred dollars to her name. However, with an abundant love for style, she soon found herself working as a clothing rep, a title that she maintained for 25 years.  The job suited her desire to travel and socialize with new people.  She has traveled all over the world for work and volunteering.  Her volunteering has become a main focus in her life and has created more love than she could have ever imagined.

In addition, Deanna’s philanthropy has extended to helping animals to which she has recently rescued two dogs from Guatemala, named Betty and Gypsy. 

“Sunny Day’s was a dream of mine from a young age. I just knew i had to go for it”

Deanna Frieze

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